[chirp_users] The tale of two Baofengs

Dan Jolley oldhippie1955 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 6 20:15:43 PST 2016

Offhand it sounds like you got a defective radio. I hope it's not too late to send it back for a replacement.

      From: Bob <vk2byf at gmail.com>
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 Subject: [chirp_users] The tale of two Baofengs
2 Baofeng UV-5R one yellow one black.

Tried to clone them by turning on the source (yellow one) while holding 
down the "mon" key. The black one is connected and on. Lights come on 
but black one stays in factory default.

I can read the yellow one no problems Firmware BFS297
Black one, Firmware BFB297, same cable same chirp same USB port I get, 
"Radio refused to send block 0x0000"

I have programmed dozens of these beasties with no problem. I have 
programmed Wouxuns, Yaesus, Icoms, no problem but this one's got be beat.

I'm using Linux Mint 17.3 so no driver problems.

Over to the Gurus, Thanks de VK2BYF Bob
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