[chirp_users] Chirp won't work in XP with no service packs.

David Ranch chirp at trinnet.net
Sat Mar 5 18:16:10 PST 2016

Hello Dan,

Instead of using an instance of Windows XP solely to use Chirp.. you 
might try using a bootable Linux CD.  For example, Andy's HamRadio ISO:


Assuming your old computer can boot from a USB port, this ISO has Chirp 
already installed.  If you have a cutting edge radio, maybe the included 
version of Chirp might not support it but if you use a USB pendrive that 
has some extra space (the ISO is only 1.9GB), this distro will allow you 
to do in-line upgrades and upgrade Chirp, etc. and it all stays on the 
USB pendrive across reboots. Just like a real hard drive but it's 
portable!  Something to consider!


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