[chirp_users] Offset not uploading

Tom Consodine ND5Y nd5y at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 4 19:55:06 PST 2016

If you mean that after you programmed your radio, set it on a memory 
channel, and looked at the menu settings 25 and 26 (shift direction and 
offset) then that is normal.

The transmit and receive frequencies are stored separately and the 
offset is always 0 in a memory channel. The offset only works in 
frequency (VFO) mode.


On 03/04/2016 20:57, Bobby Minchew wrote:
> New CHIRP user.   Got everything to work well on my MAC computer with latest Chirp build.   Baofeng BF-F9V2+ but connecting with the recommended setting of BF-F8HP.    Everythign is working perfectly except my offset settings won’t carry over when I upload the image to my radios.     I have the DUPLEX set to either + or - and then type in the offset.    Save image.  Upload to radios.     The radios stay on OFFSET 000.000.   Any suggestions?     Thanks.
> Bobby

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