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Dave VK2FDJS vk2fdjs at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 15:03:01 PST 2016

I wonder if it would be feasible to include both the offset amount and the resultant frequency - perhaps greyed-out or in smaller font - when it's a +/-.  Although my radios are programmed as +/- they actually display the TX frequency when I hit the PTT, so I find myself doing the same mental arithmetic.

Gerard, perhaps you could look at making the change yourself, as you're a software person, and submitting the change to the developers.  Although the developers probably prefer to keep away from the UI, it's SOP for us software types.

Regards Dave VK2FDJS

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> On 3 Mar 2016, at 07:26, gerard <gmkayaker at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the background info. As a software professional myself, I appreciate 
> the technical challenges as well as the natural tendencies of software 
> developers.  Your idea of basing the default behaviour based on the frequency 
> range makes sense to me. Another option would be to have a picklist or 
> check-box/toggle above the Offset column to force the display in one format or 
> another. Maybe only show it when the radio doesn't store the format.
> Unfortunately, the current behavior, of showing it always as +/- and providing 
> no way to convert back (selecting "split" on an existing memory slot zero's out 
> the rx offset by inserting the base frequency) really should be considered a bug 
> as it is effectively "Write-only Memory".  At least fix it so that when you 
> change + or - to split, it does the math and shows you the resulting frequency. 
> That *should* be trivial to do.
> I finally figured out what the  "Properties" button does (it does nothing and 
> provides no feedback if you have no memory item selected, so it really should be 
> disabled/greyed-out.) If I change from + to split in the Memory Properties pane, 
> it gives me a warning icon telling me the offset is out of range! Duhh! That's 
> because it *is* an offset, not a frequency. And Chirp should change it to a 
> frequency automatically when I change from +/- to split. That would at least 
> give me a way to see the frequency without having to do math in my head. I would 
> like to report this as a bug as this is just plain wrong!
> Thanks again,
> Gerard
>> On 3/2/2016 12:51 PM, Tom Hayward wrote:
>>> On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 11:09 AM, gerard <gmkayaker at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm am a long-time user of VHF radios starting with a VX-150 some 15 years ago
>>> and switching to Baofeng UV-5R when they were relatively new. I have been using
>>> Chirp to program my UV-5R since I first got the radio. One thing that I find
>>> annoying about how Chirp works with repeater splits is that it shows it as a +
>>> or a -. Most people I deal with in Canada give me frequency pairs. And I haven't
>>> found an easy way to get Chirp to show me the actual frequency (as opposed to
>>> the +/-.)  When I enter a frequency as a "split", it immediately gets converted
>>> to "+/-" and there seems to be no way to get Chirp to show it as a "split". This
>>> makes it really hard to confirm that I have the correct frequency entered; I
>>> need to do frequency math in my head or paper which increases the likelihood of
>>> errors.
>> This is a shortcoming of the UV5R. It cannot differentiate from offset
>> and independent tx/rx records--the radio stores them identically.
>> Chirp assumes that most users are hams and prefer the +/- offset view,
>> so that's how Chirp displays offsets less than 70 MHz. (This is the
>> conversion you're talking about.)
>>> It would be great if Chirp had a setting that allowed me to say "Always show
>>> splits using the format entered" or "Always show splits in: " and let me choose
>>> between +/- and "split".
>> Most ham radios (Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood) differentiate offset and
>> odd-split records. With these radios, Chirp displays the frequency or
>> offset as entered.
>> For the UV5R, this would require storing the "format entered"
>> somewhere. The UV5R memory provides nowhere to store this, so that
>> means we would need some sort of proprietary Chirp file to store this
>> information. The .img files are just a simple dump of the radio
>> memory, not proprietary, and don't offer a place to store auxiliary
>> data like this. This would only be beneficial when editing said
>> proprietary file--after doing a "Download from Radio" you'd be back to
>> just what was stored in the UV5R. Not really an optimal solution.
>> I've proposed an alternative scheme: on radios that don't know the
>> difference between an offset and an odd split, display as offsets in
>> the ham band and as tx/rx frequency outside the ham band. This would
>> work great for me as I program a number of Part 90 certified radios
>> for mixed Part 90 and ham use. In my area, ham repeater channels are
>> usually communicated by offset and commercial channels by their tx/rx
>> frequencies. However, this scheme presents some challenges too. The
>> hand bands differ by locale and not everyone has the same preference
>> as myself.
>> Your other idea, '"Always show splits in: " and let me choose between
>> +/- and "split"' has its own challenges. Besides the UI work to add
>> this preference selection (which most Chirp developers tend to avoid
>> due to its complexity), I think it would require updating all radio
>> drivers to support the new scheme--a monumental task. Also, it would
>> defeat the feature of most ham radios that properly differentiate
>> between offsets and odd-split records.
>> The way Chirp does it now was chosen intentionally to please the
>> largest number of users. Unfortunately we can't please everyone. We're
>> always open to discuss new ideas--that's what this mailing list is for
>> (or the chirp_devel list for the implementation details). Hopefully
>> this background on the treatment of offsets and radios that don't
>> support them is helpful fodder for discussion.
>> Tom KD7LXL
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