[chirp_users] Displaying odd repeater splits

gerard gmkayaker at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 11:09:10 PST 2016


I'm am a long-time user of VHF radios starting with a VX-150 some 15 years ago 
and switching to Baofeng UV-5R when they were relatively new. I have been using 
Chirp to program my UV-5R since I first got the radio. One thing that I find 
annoying about how Chirp works with repeater splits is that it shows it as a + 
or a -. Most people I deal with in Canada give me frequency pairs. And I haven't 
found an easy way to get Chirp to show me the actual frequency (as opposed to 
the +/-.)  When I enter a frequency as a "split", it immediately gets converted 
to "+/-" and there seems to be no way to get Chirp to show it as a "split". This 
makes it really hard to confirm that I have the correct frequency entered; I 
need to do frequency math in my head or paper which increases the likelihood of 

It would be great if Chirp had a setting that allowed me to say "Always show 
splits using the format entered" or "Always show splits in: " and let me choose 
between +/- and "split".

If there is a way to do this, please point me to the documentation (I couldn't 
find any); if there is not, is this already an open issue (I couldn't find one). 
And if neither is the case, should I go ahead and create a new issue?



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