[chirp_users] Newbe problem

Dave VK2FDJS vk2fdjs at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 15:38:23 PST 2016

You don't "download a *.img file from my radio", you download the settings 
from the radio.  You then save this as an IMG file.  (Semantics, perhaps, 
but it's important to know this.)

> I find no options in the Chrip program to export as a *.img file.

You don't export it, you save it.  Use File/Save As.

If you want, you can also export the channel settings to a CSV file and this 
can be edited if you want to.  As others have said, this is not the 
recommended way to make changes, but it can be useful for bulk inclusion of 
information you already have.

> ... and then export as a *.chirp file ...

No idea why you'd do this.  You simply change the CSV file and save it back 
as a CSV file.

You then open your IMG file in CHIRP and import the CSV file into it.

I suggest you become confident with CHIRP, downloading from the radio, 
saving IMG files, changing information (in CHIRP), re-saving IMG files, and 
uploading to the radio.

Only after you are practiced in the above should you consider 
exporting/changing/importing CSV.

> ... export to an Excel *.cvs file

Important note here ... a CSV (not CVS) file is not an Excel file, it is a 
text file that contains values separated by commas.  While it is true that 
Excel will read/write CSV files, it does so in its own CSV format, which is 
not exactly the same as the CSV format that CHIRP uses.

Regards, Dave VK2FDJS

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> I'm new to using Chirp and have hit a stumbling block trying to program
> my UV5R. I am able to download a *.img file from my radio, ex[port to an
> Excel *.cvs file, make changes to the Excel file and then export as a
> *.chirp file, load the *.chirp file into program but am unable to up
> load the file to my radio.
> The original file downloaded from the radio is a *.img and I find no
> options in the Chrip program to export as a *.img file.
> Holding down the 3 key when turning on the radio displays BFB297.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> 73,
> Danny, K6MHE
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