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Bill Gabbard wcgabbard1 at windstream.net
Fri Jun 17 19:31:06 PDT 2016

Thanks Dan for explaining what happened.  I was hit with about 150 of them.
Good night,
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  Hi everyone,

  Sorry for the noise here. Rick has been removed from the list, but he
  generated thousands of messages before that point, which took a while to
  get removed from all the various queues. More may be queued on machines
  I don't control, but hopefully no more will be generated at this point.
  I'm keeping an eye on things and will try to jump on anything else that

  As best I can tell, Rick configured his email client to forward any
  message he received from the list back to the list, forming a loop,
  which is where the thousands of mails came from. I'm guessing he did
  this because he couldn't figure out how to unsubscribe, which seems to
  be incredibly pervasive with AOL users (don't ask me why).

  Anyway, again, sorry for the noise and hopefully it will be quiet from
  here on out.

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