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Rich Messeder rich.messeder at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 06:55:56 PDT 2016

I think this is a good question. I have recently acquired 2 BaoFeng UV-5RTP. I have programmed them "successfully", but not tested the results.

Here is my take on it.

I think that CHIRP allows the user to select TSQL, indicating that the ToneSql value is used for repeater access. It is unfortunate that we all don't use the same terms. I opine that CTCSS is the same thing as PL; one is a generic term and the other a vendor term.

I understand that Tone in CHIRP is used for receive. If you have Tone selected, then the sender must use the agreed tone to open your squelch. For repeaters, I am not sure that all repeaters use tone (PL, CTCSS) on transmit, as they do on receive. A repeater first senses the carrier on the inbound freq, and then look for the PL tone.

My impression is that many radios do not (can not) use PL codes /from/ a repeater that are different from the sending PL tone.

Now to 2 radios.
The sending unit must send the same tone that the receiving unit is filtering on. So if you are both working simplex, and you both have tone squelch enabled and are using the same PL|CTCSS tones, it should work. I might try that later today or tomorrow if I have the time.

This sets the CTCSS tone to be transmitted if the Tone Mode is set to Tone. In Cross mode, it has additional meanings (see description of Cross Mode for more details).

This sets the CTCSS tone to be transmitted and used for receiver squelch if the Tone Mode is set to TSQL. In Cross mode it has additional meanings (see description of Cross Mode for more details).

I too have used TSQL for many entries, and now wonder if I should be using Tone, because I want to trigger the repeater with a PL tone, but then want the reply no matter what.

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On 2016-06-08 09:26:-0400, Jeffrey wrote:
>Hey everyone,
>I'm pretty new to radios in general, and more so programming them, but I'll do my best to get the terminology right. 
>I'm trying to use CHIRP to program a UV-5R so that it can communicate with a Motorola radio on a certain frequency.  The Motorola is set to use 151.9400 with a PL tone of 67.0 for both send and receive. 
>PL is the same as CTCSS correct? 
>On the UV-5R, I've got Tone Mode set as TSQL and ToneSql set to 67.0 - and it does not work? The two radios are not communicating.  Am I missing something? Something special about Motorola PL tones? Should be a standard right? 
>Thanks for any advice.
>Jeffrey Fongemie     
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