[chirp_users] Settings to match Motorola PL tones

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I would say it is a cts code as pl 67.0 are shared and look the same, try it, I’m sure will work fine :)


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Hey everyone,


I'm pretty new to radios in general, and more so programming them, but I'll do my best to get the terminology right. 


I'm trying to use CHIRP to program a UV-5R so that it can communicate with a Motorola radio on a certain frequency.  The Motorola is set to use 151.9400 with a PL tone of 67.0 for both send and receive. 


PL is the same as CTCSS correct? 


On the UV-5R, I've got Tone Mode set as TSQL and ToneSql set to 67.0 - and it does not work? The two radios are not communicating.  Am I missing something? Something special about Motorola PL tones? Should be a standard right? 


Thanks for any advice.





Jeffrey Fongemie     



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