[chirp_users] Problems programming ICOM IC-V82

Larry Gagnon lagagnon at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 16:47:09 PDT 2016

Using Chirp v daily-20160301 on Linux and an ICOM IC-V82 VHF handheld.
Was able to successfully connect and download from the radio.

Added some channels, then uploaded. Upload seemed to go fine but with an
error message at the end that reads: "Failed to communicate with the radio.
Did not get clone result from radio."

On rebooting the handheld all appears fine, new channels are there but all
the channels that have offsets do not take, in other words it
transmits/receives on same frequency, even though file is virtually
identical to that uploaded from the radio and I have double checked to
offset and duplex are correct.

Any ideas appreciated.

Larry VE7EA
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