[chirp_users] FTDi, HT, driver or user issue? Help

Wed Jul 27 09:12:54 PDT 2016


not sure if it helps, but I've just checked the three different cables
I'm using and they all announce themselves in the system as:
  ID 067b:2303 Prolific Technology, Inc. PL2303 Serial Port

So apparently FTDI with just different connectors on the radio side.
These work fine for me under linux and windows7. In both cases I'm 
using the native drivers, shipped with the OS. 


P.S. If anyone's interested, I can also check the driver details in Win7.

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>> John et. al.: I'm completely confused now. I bought one PC03 FTDI Authentic
>> Genuine USB Programming Cable for BaoFeng, Kenwood, etc    from Amazon,
>> which said, Sold by: BaoFeng Tech for $20.46
> No need to be confused. The BaoFeng Tech programming cable is not made
> by Baofeng. It is highly recommended over a Baofeng programming cable.
>> The cable, which doesn't have any ID on it anywhere (except for a USB symbol
>> and something else near it which I don't recognize) was supposed to be the
>> correct cable to use in programming a pair of new Baofeng F8HPs.  With my
>> Windows 7 machine, I got the  "Radio did not respond" message about a dozen
>> times. I've pushed that cable in so hard I surprised it didn't come out the
>> other side.
> I don't know why, but in my tests, it can take up to 8 minutes for the
> FTDI driver to be fully installed. If you try to use it prior to that
> it will not work and it may interrupt the installation.
>> I realize I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, but does this sound like
>> a cable issue, HT, user or a driver issue ( I've tried several times to
>> manually install a driver with no luck)?  The BaofengTech instructions with
>> the cable indicate the cable was supposed to initiate the proper downloads,
>> and it was supposed to be a snap.  Can someone lighten this poor fool?
> Normally it is plug-and-play. I would recommend that you go to
> ftdichips.com and download the latest driver and install it. This is
> typically the "fix" for when Windows doesn't get it done
> automatically.
>> DR Yocom
> Jim KC9HI
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