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Al Jones
Fri Jul 8 11:55:18 PDT 2016

This may not be a lot of help but look at the attached (I hope) file and see
if that helps.


There's only one amatreur repeater listing from repeaterbook, that at:







Operational status



Twin Falls, Hansen Butte

Twin Falls






Twin Falls, Mt Harrison






HTH //al



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Your problem is with RadioReference, not CHIRP. Contact them. - 73


On Fri, Jul 8, 2016 at 1:00 PM, Marvin Barnes <mabarnes at safelink.net> wrote:

I have posted this already but no responses.  Looking for a kind soul to
help me. 


I sent the following to RadioReference:

I have a Baofeg UV-5r and am using CHIRP to program it. When I go to Query
from Data Source and select Radio Reference it asks me for my logon and
password and a zip code. If I enter my old zip code of 78121 (La Vernia) I
get a list of La Vernia frequencies. However if I enter 83301 which is where
I live now I get the hour glass forever and really it is forever. How do I
get the list from 83301 to come to me. I have changed my RR to show Idaho
and even have select the area and specific agencies to watch.

So what am I doing wrong.


They replied:

We aren't sure why that is occurring. Have you tried contacting CHIRP
support for support of their software?


Is there anyone out there who could help me please?



Marvin Barnes



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