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Dan Jolley oldhippie1955 at yahoo.com
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Hi, my name is Dan Jolley and I have been using Windows 10 64 bit for the last 4 months. I purchased the FTDI Cable from Amazon about 3 weeks ago, I plugged it into a USB port on my computer and Windows 10 automatically installed the drivers. After the drivers installed, I left the FTDI cable in the USB port and rebooted my computer. I have not had any problems using the FTDI cable with Chirp or the BaoFeng Programming software since then.
Whatever USB port you plugged the FTDI cable into when the drivers were installed, you must continue to plug the FTDI cable into that same USB port for it to work.

If you plug the FTDI into a different USB port then that will create problems.
If you don't want to use the Windows 10 drivers, you can go into the Device Manager and uninstall the current drivers.
Before you do that, you can go to the FTDI Website and download the D2XX Drivers for Windows 10, they have both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions so you can select the correct one for the version of Windows 10 you are using. That way you will have the drivers ready to install after you uninstall the Windows 10 drivers.
The FTDI Website with the D2XX Drivers is here:
The current version for the Windows 10 FTDI D2XX Drivers is 2.12.14 and the current release date for those drivers is 02-02-2016.
When you download the drivers they are in a ZIP format so you will have to unzip (extract) them first. The name of the zipped drivers is CDM v2.12.14 WHQL Certified.
When you are in the Device Manager and start to install the FTDI D2XX drivers you downloaded, you will have to direct (browse) the driver installation to the folder where you unzipped the FTDI Drivers.
I have never had to install the FTDI D2XX Drivers since I have never had any problems with the Windows 10 Drivers. But I am familiar with installing drivers, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I have been a computer technician for many years.
I do not have a HAM license yet but i am working on it.

I apologize if I have mentioned something you already knew, I was just trying to give you as much information as I could to help you. I hope it helps!

Thank you,Dan Jolleyoldhippie1955 at yahoo.com

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is there any chance that someone is able to write the s/w necessary to 
[in WIN 10] DELETE the FTDI driver which renders the baofeng cable 
inoperative AND write the s/w which would REenable the baofeng cable 
after FTDI has trashed it so we can use it w/ CHIRP and WIN 10? tnx, 
larry  KD9AVZ
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