[chirp_users] Connectivity issues with Puxing PX-A6

Kirill Elagin kirelagin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 13:47:59 PST 2016


I’ve got a Puxing PX-A6 and a cheap USB cable from China. Now I’m trying to
make this setup work, but I’ve faced some issues, so I’m looking for help.

The cable seems to have a PL-2303 inside, at least that’s what its USB IDs
tell and it got picked up by pl2303 kernel module. Now, it _almost_ works.
I use Puxing PX-2R driver with CHIRP. When I tell CHIRP to download data,
it fails with `Failed to communicate with radio: Radio is not responding`.
If I immediately try again, then it downloads successfully.

I also noticed that when I connect the radio to my laptop, it starts
transmitting (as in transmitting radio signal), likely because the cable
plugs into the headset port. But it stops as soon as I open the tty using
`socat` (`socat -x /dev/ttyUSB0 -`). When I exit `socat` it starts
transmitting again after around 4 seconds. I believe this 4-second interval
is the key to CHIRP succeeding, as it always succeeds when I hit “download”
while the radio is not transmitting either immediately after the first
attempt or immediately after exiting `socat`.

I also tried setting up a pty using, again, `socat` to sniff the protocol.
In this case the radio stops transmitting as soon as `socat` is started
and, of course, using the pty, CHIRP successfully downloads channels from
the first try.

Well, my ultimate goal is to make their own programming software work (at
least once, as I need to adjust some settings and after that I’ll happily
stick to CHIRP), but it doesn’t. I thought, that understanding of what’s
going on with CHIRP might help me figure out what to do next, so any ideas
are welcome.

Кирилл Елагин
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