[chirp_users] programming cable problems

Dave DWB2808 at centurytel.net
Wed Dec 28 10:52:01 PST 2016

I use the latest version of Chirp downloaded about 10 days ago. It worked 
well and did all the programming I need for the Beofeng uv5r, (different 
cable) Btech UV 2501-220. I had a small computer problem and after 
correcting the computer problem I could program the Btech UV 2501 but the 
programming cables for the UV5R have a problem. The one that I used over and 
over now puts my UV5R in a transmit as soon as i plug it into the computer. 
The other cable gives me an error message that says the Commport (1-8 ) wont 
What do I do.
Thanks for any ideas

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