[chirp_users] Change Number of Channels To Display?

bill at riess.us bill at riess.us
Fri Oct 23 08:46:56 PDT 2015

It has been my experience that the number of channels displayed will stay to
the max for the radio if you do the following:

1         Download from the radio

2         Change displayed channels to "Show Empty" (optional)

3         Set number of channels to max number for the radio

4         Save the configuration to .img file


Now whenever I open that .img file it always displays them all.

Note this is on a Windows (10) machine.  

I currently run CHiRP version daily-20151020. 


Hope that solves it!  




Bill at Riess.us <mailto:Bill at Riess.us> 

Callsign: KW9WR


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