[chirp_users] UV5RA Audio

Dave VK2FDJS vk2fdjs at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 00:08:54 PDT 2015

The important bit here is "... and if you hold down the monitor button".

This tells you that the radio is probably working fine and that the channel 
frequencies are correct.  Looks like you have a squelch problem.

My guess is that you've somehow turned "tone squelch" on (or whatever it's 
called in your radio).  This is the one where the radio needs to hear the 
tone in order to open the squelch, not the one it sends to a repeater.

If that is turned on, then it's most likely incorrect.

Have a look at the channel programming IN THE RADIO and look at the tone 
squelch / CTCSS settings.  Assuming they are set to tone squelch, then it's 
a matter of looking at the CHIRP file to see if it's set there too.

An alternate possibility is that the radio's squelch level has been set 
impossibly high.  Again, it should be easy to check that in the radio 

Regards, Dave VK2FDJS

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> Hi
> I reprogrammed a UV5RA radio with the latest CHIRP, and the audio quit
> for received signals.
> Audio works fine for button beeps, turn on beeps, and if you hold down
> the monitor button.
> Audio works once in a while for a received signal, but very infrequently.
> I tried the Miklor factory reset using the original factory image file,
> no good.
> Radio has N5R2401 firmware, BFB297 software, says 141206N for the start 
> up.
> Loaded chirp 20150714, loaded N5R2401 factory image, uploaded to radio.
> Loaded chirp 20151013, downloaded radio, copied frequency info over, no
> audio for reception.
> Speaker works fine for any beeps, same with a speaker mike that works
> great on another radio.
> Any ideas? At the moment this radio is a brick, and only had it for 2
> months.
> Dave Vaillette
> dvprint at gmail.com
> ph. 484-695-0760
> Thanks
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