[chirp_users] What did I do wrong?

Wolfgang (DL7NB) 123 at dl7nb.de
Fri Oct 9 23:22:59 PDT 2015

Hello Bud,
Now I understand! Inside the Europe (EU) I could do that - and I would do so. Outside Europe things are too complicated. (Not only custom)
But I fear that the brain behind Chirp is not from the old continent...
73 Wolfgang

On 9. Oktober 2015 18:04:44 MESZ, Bud Meaker <jmeaker at gmail.com> wrote:
>Wolfgang <123 at dl7nb.de> wrote:
>> Is there any hope that the IC-2730 will be supported?
>According to the Chirp New Model Requests page
>the Icom IC-2730A is high on the priority list, but nobody has
>volunteered the loan of equipment for testing.
>Information about getting your radio supported can be found here:
>Bud -=- KR4AH
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de Wolfgang, DL7NB-m
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