[chirp_users] ICOM IC-2730

Wolfgang 123 at dl7nb.de
Tue Oct 6 01:56:23 PDT 2015


I am new to this list and want to say hello to all users!
I am happy to have Chirp. It has already saved many hours! Thank you 
all, who made this possible!!

I already use Chirp for my FT-857, IC-7200 and my Boafeng 5R. Works great!

Now I got an IC-2730. In the list I see it is not supported. <sniff>
Is there a plan to get the IC-2730 working with Chirp?

73 Wolfgang, DL7NB

P.S.: In a world full of complaining, it is important to know, that you have done something very well!

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