[chirp_users] Problem updating CSV file to upload to radio

Philip Wise pswise at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 18 23:16:27 PST 2015

Jim:  Thanks for the info.  I believe your comment will solve the problem.  I used a text editor to look at the csv files from saving the radio download and the repeater book csv file.  There were discrepancies in the columns regarding the comma separations missing and also the frequencies  data from the radio download seems to have a fixed decimal field of 6 vs the repeaterbook having truncated zeros in their respective columns.  I will update the files to match and try that..
 Take care, Phil

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> Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Excel has a bug that when there is an empty cell or cells at the end
or a row, it can drop one or more commas. From the point of the first
missing comma, the data is misaligned with the columns. My guess is
that if you open the CSV file up in a text editor you will see that
there is at least 1 comma missing.

I think a workaround is to simply type a single character into the
RPT2CALL cell of each row. Unless your radio uses RPT2CALL the value
should be ignored for your radio. And if your radio uses RPt2CALL,
then you probably don't have this issue.


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