[chirp_users] Problem updating CSV file to upload to radio

Philip Wise pswise at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 18 15:12:11 PST 2015

Radio:          Baofeng F8HP and UV-5RV2+Computer:    Dell, Win XP Professional
I am able to clone both radios and make changes to the radio download and update if I manually change the data
When I was trying upload a CSV file to the radio I got an error - shown in the attached file
I developed the csv file from outputting a csv file from the RepeaterBook website.  I was able to open it with MS Excel 2000 w/sp3       (also I was able to open a csv file from Chirp from my radio download.
Trying to import the csv file from the Repeaterbook directly into Chirp, gave me the error
I then used the scv file from my radio download and modified it with the data from the repeaterbook file by copying and pasting my new data from Repeaterbook csv file into the radio downloaded csv file.  I saved this new combined data file with the same columns as shown in my radio downloaded csv file but when I tried to import to the Chirp program, I got the same error.
Any idea what I am doing wrong?  I know I have old programs and operating system but I have been able to run Chirp successfully for all things except this.
 Take care, Phil

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