[chirp_users] inexpensive Dual Band Mobile radios?

Dave Nathanson KG6ZJO at nathanson.org
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Thanks John, Ray, Shon & Mark. All helpful info. 
And I'm continually amazed at the deep resources at the miklor site! :-) 

Dave Nathanson

On Nov 10, 2015, at 8:32 AM, Mark Waggoner via chirp_users <chirp_users at intrepid.danplanet.com> wrote:

Just a heads up, there is an updated version of the Juntai radio coming out shortly. John Miklor has been beta testing and says it's worth the wait. 

On Nov 10, 2015, at 7:45 AM, John LaMartina <johnla at usa.net> wrote:

Here is the review of the VV898 series.
as well as the
An updated version of the KT8900 is to be released in about 5 days.
(no bugs and more features)

The VV898 is CHIRP compatible.
The KT8900 is not CHIRP compatible yet.

- http://www.miklor.com

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Subject: [chirp_users] inexpensive Dual Band Mobile radios?
[This is sort of off-topic, but hinges on CHIRP support for the radio] 
Howdy, I'd like to get a recommendation for a dual band mobile radio for a new ham that will (probably) not use it a whole lot. But it needs to work reliably enough, even if not a lot of features. Actually less features is fine, that is just less stuff to not understand & less to forget between uses!   :-) 
Mounting a UV5R in a car doesn't seem like a good idea. Can anyone offer anything good or bad about any "inexpensive" mobile dual band ham radio, including the Leixen VV-898 or Jetstream JT270M (apparently the same radio). It is one of the few cheap Mobile units I see on the list of CHIRP supported radios. 
Amazon reviews seem fairly ok, especially for $99.  I'm interested in a CHIRP-supported radio. This is intended for an 1997 Jeep Cherokee, and a small radio is probably a better match. It does need to be a dual bander. 
If the cost gets anywhere even near $200, I'd just recommend the Yaesu 7900 or Yaseu 8800. But for this situation, I'm open to hearing about cheaper alternatives that I might be able to recommend until this new ham grows into the "sport". 
Thanks for your helpful council. 
Dave Nathanson
PS: if you know of a better forum to ask about CHIRP compatible mobile radios, it's ok to shoot me a pm or direct email about it. 
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