[chirp_users] inexpensive Dual Band Mobile radios?

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Here is the review of the VV898 series.
as well as the
An updated version of the KT8900 is to be released in about 5 days.
(no bugs and more features)

The VV898 is CHIRP compatible.
The KT8900 is not CHIRP compatible yet.


- http://www.miklor.com


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[This is sort of off-topic, but hinges on CHIRP support for the radio] 


Howdy, I'd like to get a recommendation for a dual band mobile radio for a new ham that will (probably) not use it a whole lot. But
it needs to work reliably enough, even if not a lot of features. Actually less features is fine, that is just less stuff to not
understand & less to forget between uses!   :-) 


Mounting a UV5R in a car doesn't seem like a good idea. Can anyone offer anything good or bad about any "inexpensive" mobile dual
band ham radio, including the Leixen VV-898 or Jetstream JT270M (apparently the same radio). It is one of the few cheap Mobile units
I see on the list of CHIRP supported radios. 


Amazon reviews seem fairly ok, especially for $99.  I'm interested in a CHIRP-supported radio. This is intended for an 1997 Jeep
Cherokee, and a small radio is probably a better match. It does need to be a dual bander. 


If the cost gets anywhere even near $200, I'd just recommend the Yaesu 7900 or Yaseu 8800. But for this situation, I'm open to
hearing about cheaper alternatives that I might be able to recommend until this new ham grows into the "sport". 


Thanks for your helpful council. 



Dave Nathanson



PS: if you know of a better forum to ask about CHIRP compatible mobile radios, it's ok to shoot me a pm or direct email about it. 


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