[chirp_users] No VFO mode in VX-2r

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Mon Nov 9 13:43:30 PST 2015

I think the problem might be that you have turned off access to Memory Mode
and/or the menu somehow with CHIRP.


I don't have the VX-2R but try this as it seems to work with a number of
different radios:

1 - Export your channel settings to a spreadsheet

2 - factory reset the radio

3 - Download a new image from the radio (preferably while in channel mode)

4 - Save the image for possible later use

5 - Import the channel settings from the spreadsheet (or load the
spreadsheet and copy them to the new image)

6 - Save the new image

7 - Upload the image to the radio


Please see the CHIRP documents for any steps you are not sure how to do.


Hope that solves it!  73


Bill Riess

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I recently started using CHIRP to program my VX-2R. All went fine, have
uploaded to the radio, but now the radio is stuck in Memory mode ( lock is

off) and also can't get into SET mode. I have checked all the settings but
can't figure out why it is doing this. I did a total reset and the VFO mode
came back, so I uploaded the frequencies again with CHIRP and now can't get
back into VFO mode.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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