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Kenneth Jones kententen at me.com
Mon Nov 2 08:57:11 PST 2015

Yes, well of course we figgered you were just gonna listen, and we all know there is no rule against that (and no practical way to stop it either, but that’s another story).
There’s a feature you’ll see that will help you do exactly what you want.
Having attached your set (I use an 82C—and it’s not type accepted for FRS either (antenna cannot be removable, power not over 500 mw) I choose [UPLOAD FROM RADIO] to load what’s now on my set into CHIRP’s memory. The frequencies are displayed. I select [MEMORY RANGE] to go from [0] to [127], which is one more than actually exists; I select [SHOW EMPTY]; my PC display now resembles a mostly empty spreadsheet with rows numbered 0 through 126. Yeah, that’s one more than I selected, but I now know I have all possible channels showing.
So far, so good?
At CHIRP’s menu (top of screen), Mouse over and select (click on) [RADIO] then select [IMPORT FROM STOCK CONFIG] then select [US FRS and GMRS channels]. They will display on a smaller window center screen.
Got that?
Now, fun stuff.
That import window you’re looking at has several buttons on the bottom in the box called [Adjust Location]. Play around there. As it is, the frequencies on this table will over-write your channel locations (NOT a good thing). Click the button marked [+10] twice, then the button marked [-1] three times and you’ll see the target locations [TO] column now starts at 17, not 1. You said you have the first 16 channels filled, so 17 is your next vacant spot. You can skip numbers, if you want FRS1 to be in 21 and so on, just use the [+10] twice to change the position. Click [OK] and you’re done importing into your frequency list.
What do the French say? “Viola!” ?? No, that’s not right.
Anyway, now you might want to make sure that the [DUPLEX] setting is [OFF] to inhibit transmit and [MODE] is set to [NFM] just for the FRS channels. 
It is my understanding that in the USA one may legally listen to any radio frequency transmission except cellular communications. You may not profit on what you overhear. You may not divulge the content of a transmission you overhear that was not intended for public dissemination. Be a little careful here; the airwaves are federally regulated; violations are felonies. That said, I have the marine channels 06 and 16, FRS, GMRS, MURS, my local school district, my Fire Department and the Weather Service all stuck in mine. I selected the [S] field (skip on scan) for the Weather channels, so those constant broadcasts don’t show up unless I specifically select their channel position.
Cheers, enjoy your new toy.
Ken, KB3JA
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Understood. Thanks.
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