[chirp_users] More baofeng woes (UV-B5) (Scott Martin)

Richard Menedetter ricsi at gmx.at
Thu May 28 16:24:09 PDT 2015

> From: Scott Martin <scott at kc9qen.com>
> Hey, all.
> I picked up a UV-B5 and am unable to program it with chirp.

Yes ... sadly there is an open ticket for this for 4 months ...
unfixed as of yet.

New UV-B5 software is not recognized by Chirp.
There is a one line patch for Linux Chirp floating around that makes it work.
Or you can use the Baofeng SW to download the image, rename it, use chirp to edit it, rename it back and use baofeng SW to upload it.

I hope this will be addressed by Chirp soon!

CU, Ricsi

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