[chirp_users] "length 0" error DLing from FT-8900

Charles Boling junk07+chirp at boling.us
Wed May 13 12:00:02 PDT 2015

> I'd start by viewing the history on ft7800.py in the repo.

Note that the same problem exists with both the current daily and 0.4.0
from over a year ago.  (Surely another FT-8900 owner would've reported a
regression by now were it a universal problem! Are there any 8900 owners
reading this that can confirm that CHIRP works okay with their rig?)

The repo shows 3 changes (Mar 3/4/5 2015) including the one that created
the "drivers" directory and moved all the radio files there out of the
main dir.  The next change ("Fix style issues" -- mostly adding spaces)
doesn't appear to have done anything nasty to the code.  The most recent
change ("Use logging in drivers") just changed 3 instances of "print" to

I dropped back to the main chirp in the repo's web interface, but didn't
see a way to show any entries before March 3rd. (It showed a page of
entries, with no "older" or similar button.) The most recent tag was the
0.4.0 release, which took me back another year to March 2014, so I don't
know how to view changes between 3/2014-3/2015.  Please forgive my
ignorance there.

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