[chirp_users] doesn't see the UV-5RA

Stanley Rarden sr3574191 at gmail.com
Mon May 11 21:16:09 PDT 2015

My problem, and I understand it's a pretty common one, is when i plug the radio in and try to load into Chirp from the radio, my computer doesn't see the radio.  I've tried with the cable that came with the radio, cables I've purchased on line with some sort of little CD that's completely useless, and even with the cable from RT Systems. I have two of those, by the way, and neither of them works.

I've tried this on a PC laptop running Windows XP and an iMac running OSX.  Nothing works.  Downloaded the latest version of Chirp, got the trick utility that's supposed to make it all work on mac... nothing.  

Is there any hope here at all?

Stan Rarden KK4LLR

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