[chirp_users] programming error Baofeng UV-5R V+

John LaMartina JohnLa at usa.net
Sat May 9 16:26:13 PDT 2015

As Todd suggested, let's relax.
There's a 99% or greater chance that's your radio is perfectly fine.

When you tried to Download from Radio, the was an error message.
What we need to start is What was the error message?
Refer to http://www.miklor.com/COM/UV_ErrorMess.php

Drivers loaded from the web.
The question remains, did the Proper drivers load okay from the web?
If you are running Windows, go to http://www.miklor.com/COM/UV_Drivers.php 

     to determine whether the proper driver loaded for your cable.
Some require a backdated driver.

The solution to the issue is more than likely rather simple.




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Just got this thing and followed directions exactly.  Drivers loaded ok from the web.  Tried to do the initial READ function under
'RADIO' and I got a error message several times.  Volume was set up high.  I am considering sending this back because Baofeng seems
to be to 'FINIKY' which leaves me to think it may be a source of ongoing frustration.  Any thoughts please.

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