[chirp_users] CHIRPing with Baofeng UV82X and F8HP

James Graham jhgrahamjr at yahoo.com
Fri May 8 11:13:21 PDT 2015

  Hi Folks,
I've been trying to program my two new radios.  I have hit a couple of snags, even though I've tried to read all the FAQs and other info I can find.  I will list a few questions below.  If anyone has time to respond to any or all, I would be grateful!
1) How do I save complete repeater data to the memory file without having it over-write the previous download each time?  I will add data for repeaters from one county, and one band, and it gives 64, total.  Then I will try another county, etc., and it saves the second download, and no trace of the first one, listing the new data as channels 1-64!  I need to add data for two counties on each of two bands, for each radio, so that I could then, presumably, upload the files to the radio(s).  And again, to summarize, each time I do this, it wipes out the earlier one.
2) How do I save the memory file for each radio (before or after I upload it to the radio)?  I went to the SAVE or SAVE AS tab in the menu, but nothing happens when I click.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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