[chirp_users] Yaesy FT-270

Tom Hayward tom at tomh.us
Tue May 5 10:37:29 PDT 2015

On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 8:18 AM, YL3IM <yl3im at ham.lv> wrote:
> As fas as I know the famous radio programming tool CHIRP doesn't support this radio, yet.
> I have managed to read my FT-270 with CHIRP by selecting VX-170 from the dropdown menu.
> Will I expirience any issues after I upload the image back to the FT-270 radio?

With little information, there is no way for me to say for sure, but
my guess is, yes, you will experience issues uploading to an
unsupported radio.

When I add support for a new radio, I analyze the data stream
bit-for-bit to make sure I understand everything that is being
transferred. Then I write the Chirp driver so that what it sends to
the radio is indistinguishable from what is sent by the manufacturer's
software or a clone from another radio.

It doesn't sound like you have done any analysis of the data from the
FT-270, so writing to it would be just a guess, risky business.


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