[chirp_users] Setting up banks/groups on Yaesu VX-3

Mike Lubrecht mlubrecht at wildblue.net
Tue May 5 08:07:57 PDT 2015

Actually, the behavior does seem to be repeatable and the error condition
relapses. Every time I upload a revised image to the radio, it resets that
bit (whatever it is) and I get the "No Bnk" error. Once I create a bank
entry manually on the radio (just a dummy entry in a bank I don't use works
best), I'm able to access the uploaded banks and groups. 

I notice that accessing the banks (once enabled) is a little different on my
radio than is shown in the user guide as well. I have to press F/W, then
Band, choose the bank, then press Band again. It was a bit confusing for a
while, but my ol' brain finally got the sequence down.

Since this issue does repeat with every refresh/revision that I do, next
time I make a change I'll upload the current (functional) state, then
download to the radio, confirm that the banks aren't working properly, and
upload that image - then send both of them to the website.

Mike Lubrecht

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On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 3:36 PM, Mike Lubrecht <mlubrecht at wildblue.net>
> Unfortunately, I didn't download an image from the radio and set it, as
you suggested. I may have saved an earlier version though (pre-bank) so it
could be compared pre- and post- bank setting. Perhaps that might show
something useful. I'll dig around and see what I have.

The is why the bug has persisted so long. The dev who worked on it also did
not have a pristine copy of the radio memory from before the bank feature
was used, so it was not obvious that there was an extra setting that needed
enabling. (By the way, a factory reset will not restore this. For some
reason Yaesu does not actually zero everything out on a reset.) Once you've
activated banks for the first time on the radio, adding and removing
channels via Chirp works just fine--this is what the original developer
tested when adding the VX3 to Chirp.

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