[chirp_users] Baofeng UV-5R / CHIRP questions

Michael D Earls mikeearls at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 31 20:24:15 PDT 2015

When using the graduated squelch settings under Service Settings, what is
the correct setting for Carrier Squelch Setting under Basic Settings?

As an alternate to setting Menu 32 to SITE, what effect would setting ANI-ID
to OFF have?

Or are there different, quieter alarm sounds besides 119 (32 still set to
SITE, but surrounding folks wouldn't know you just pressed Alarm)?

Work Mode Settings is confusing to me since I don't see all of the CHIRP
settings reflected in my radio. MR A and MR B show 51 and 41 respectively,
yet my radio loads 27, 20, even after battery swap.

The VFO A & B: similarly display last used freqs and not what CHIRP has.

Display A or B:is set to B, but I don't what that means since A & B: are
always visible.

Work Mode Settings shows PTT-ID default as 1 (20202). What would be the
effect of erasing the entry completely?

Thanks in advance,
Mike Earls
TSRA Life Member
NRA Benefactor Member
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