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David Ranch
Tue Mar 31 15:34:56 PDT 2015

Hey Dan,

> Don't do that. Icoms are much smarter than Yaesus, and allow the
> computer to initiate the clone. If you put it into clone mode ahead of
> time, the computer tries to start the clone from scratch and fails. See
> this in the FAQ:
> http://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/wiki/FAQ#Should-I-put-my-Alinco-Icom-or-Kenwood-radio-into-clone-mode-first

Hmmm.. then it seems the following "Step 1: Download contents from the 
radio" section should be amended for Icom users:


Bry: Give Dan's approach a try and see if that changes anything.  I also 
think you should test your cable with shorting the TX to the RX line and 
use a program like Hyperterminal, etc. to see if you see any typed 
characters showing up on the screen.

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