[chirp_users] Help please!

Bry Carling AF4K
Mon Mar 30 16:16:34 PDT 2015

I am trying again to get the CHIRP program to work with my Icom T70 and it Is NOT obvious.

I have a nice FTDI from Mark Dunkle. KJ6ZWL. I have spoken with Mark and we ar enboth 
mystified as to why this doesn't work.

I got as far as to make it stop SCANNING all the time when I plug the cable in. I follow the 
key presses to get the radio into CLONING mode. I set it to "CL out." Then I try to "read" the 
radio into Chirp.

The only thing I can see to do in CHIRP is to click on "RADIO" and then "DOWNLOAD 

Is there something else I should be doing? I jhave been trying this since January and just 
haven't had time to fool with it soince it is such a bad time-wasting failure.

I wish people would either supply instructiuons with Chirp or make it so that ist is a bit more 
obvious and user friendly!

I will now try downloading the latest version and see if that helps.  I am on version 0.4.1

Bry Carling, AF4K

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