[chirp_users] Importing a CVS files into a Chirp/IC2200H image file.

John Wuest
Sun Mar 22 03:50:32 PDT 2015

My first thought is that the column headers of the CHIRP image file and the cvs file don't match up.
You may find this easier to do by using the CHIRP function for importing:
Menu bar: radio>import from data source>repeaterbook 
Using RepeaterBook you can search/select the repeaters you want and they will be imported in the correct format.
73 KZ4KY
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Hi All,
I am a new user to Chirp and I am initially using it with an Icom IC 2200H (around 200 memories).   Cable  and com port all OK.  Chirp talk to the radio.
I am endeavouring to import a general CVS file of the local repeater list as published by the WIA (Wireless Institute of Australia) here in Australia.
I have created an image file from the IC 2200H by “downloading from the radio”.  No problems in doing that (works perfectly!).  I save this image file for future reference, but that is an incidental comment.
I leave the image file “open” in Chirp.  I then attempt to import the local WIA Repeater list into this image file.  However, I receive a message that indicates “UNKNOWN FILE FORMAT”.
(I have deleted all Repeaters from the WIA Listing that are not 2 metres, so as to keep the list below 200 repeaters, and so as not to compile a list (via the import function) that is incompatible with the IC 2200H (a 2 metre radio only)
I guess my question is, how do I prepare the WIA Repeater list (a CVS file which I can see using Excel, of course) so its image matches the Chirp/IC2200H image, and will then presumably enable the import function to operate nicely.
Peter Akins
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