[chirp_users] Are Baofeng & Wouxun FCC compliant?

Wed Mar 18 19:05:24 PDT 2015

Not sure what this has to do with the subject, but in the USA Type 
Acceptance is not needed when building or modifying equipment for the 
ham bands for use by licensed amateurs.

To address the subject question, it depends on the model and 
programming. Some models are type accepted by the FCC for Part 90 use. 
To meet the Part 90 spec, the keypad frequency entry must be disabled. I 
have a Wouxun that meets both criteria.

Joe M.

On 3/18/2015 8:42 PM, Bob Fk wrote:
> Recently here in Oz, there have been a number of Chinese radios use by
> Marine Rescue people, confiscated by ACMA officers claiming interference
> potential and the usual BS. ACMA in Oz is similar to FCC in the US.
> I notice my Wouxun complies with FCC part 15 but cannot find a similar
> statement in the Baofeng manual.
> I believe as amateurs (full calls) we are allowed to build our own gear
> so I assume we, the licensed operator, are responsible for complying
> with licensing requirements and are not limited to commercial, type
> approved, expensive equipment.
> I would assume Australian laws would be similar to US laws in this respect.
> How would this issue affect non Ham users, i.e. CB, Commercial, Civil
> Defence, Volunteer Fire & Rescue organisations etc?
> -- 73 Bob, *VK2BYF//*
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