[chirp_users] Are Baofeng & Wouxun FCC compliant?

Bob Fk
Wed Mar 18 17:42:43 PDT 2015

Recently here in Oz, there have been a number of Chinese radios use by
Marine Rescue people, confiscated by ACMA officers claiming interference
potential and the usual BS. ACMA in Oz is similar to FCC in the US.

I notice my Wouxun complies with FCC part 15 but cannot find a similar
statement in the Baofeng manual.

I believe as amateurs (full calls) we are allowed to build our own gear so
I assume we, the licensed operator, are responsible for complying with
licensing requirements and are not limited to commercial, type approved,
expensive equipment.

I would assume Australian laws would be similar to US laws in this respect.

How would this issue affect non Ham users, i.e. CB, Commercial, Civil
Defence, Volunteer Fire & Rescue organisations etc?
-- 73 Bob, *VK2BYF *
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