[chirp_users] Problem using Chirp (daily) on Mac OS X 10.10.2

Jürgen Frank
Thu Mar 5 01:29:46 PST 2015


just to intruduce myself: ham radio operator for more than 25 years, last years without activity (self-employed as communications-engineer...).

Yesterday I received my Sainsonic AP510. Tried to configure it with my Mac (OS X 10.10.2, python installed from the link on chirp-homepage).
Had success only once. Most of the time it crashes immediately after downloading settings from trx, maximum half a second after showing settings.
(Today I tried the new daily built: same experience (no success until now).

So at work I tried the windows machine (successfully did a firmware-update to the 20141215 version). Can change frequency-parameters (qrg, tone, power),
but second tab is empty.

Are these known problems or is it only on my side?

73 de Juergen DB2FM

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