[chirp_users] Powerwerx DB-750X Programming Issue (Ryan Tourge)

Robert DiGioia
Sun Jun 21 16:53:19 PDT 2015


My experience is that Apple is the one not playing too nice, although 
I'm sure they have their reasons.

When Yosemite came out last fall, three things happened. First, Apple 
added their own FTDI driver, which doesn't work with most cables. 
Second, they put in extra security around all of their drivers that 
can't be easily bypassed. Thirdly, if you edit the FTDI config files, OS 
X marks the driver as unusable (because the file checksum changes). I 
tried many solutions (all pre-Yosemite) and none would work. I ended up 
moving my Linux machine closer to the radio. It works like a champ with 
Chirp and fldigi where the Mac would no longer work after upgrading to 

That said, I found this 
that says it works on Yosemite, however I have not tried it.

Good luck and 73,

Robert AF5RA

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