[chirp_users] New Daily Build

Dan Smith
Sun Jun 21 07:40:53 PDT 2015

> Is this what you are looking for?
> Mark on facebook reported:
> <quote>
> I just installed win 8.1 on the computer and reinstalled Chirp with 06
> 20 daily update. I went to RR link in chirp and get the following
> error after entering my UN and PW, any idea how to correct it?
> "Suds library required for RadioReference.com import.
> Try installing your distribution's python-suds package"
> </quote>

Ah, yep! I'll try to get that fixed up today. The fact that he got that
far is an excellent sign though. I'd also be interested in a report from
an XP user that everything (except radioreference) works with the 0620

Thanks Jim!


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