[chirp_users] Prolific chip an USB3

Fri Jun 19 11:04:35 PDT 2015

My old system died so now I have a new win7 pro machine with all USB3
ports.  I cant read from either Baofeng or wouxun rigs.  My old system  was
win7 home with USB2 and another running Vista with USB2.  Am using the same
prolific cord that worked perfectly on the old systems.  I have installed
the 3.2.0 driver, device manager tell me it is working properly and to use
port 3.  When attempting to connect to the radio it tells me there was an
error and it cant be found.
My USB3, USB2, and USB1 devices work OK when inserted into the USB# ports.
  Only thing that does not work is when connecting to the two rigs
mentioned above..   Any ideas????

*J​i​m​ ​S*
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