[chirp_users] More baofeng woes (UV-B5) (Scott Martin)

Richard Menedetter
Sun Jun 7 13:51:37 PDT 2015

> I tried this and it had no ill affect on my very old UV-B5.
> If anybody want to try this with their UV-B5/B6 I have attached the
> modified driver. Try it and report back if it now works with your
> radio, still works with your radio or no longer works with your radio.

Uh ... I do not understand.
I tried it on windows and it did not work.
Then I tried with the py I used on linux, and it still did not work.
Then I downloaded the same snapshot I used under linux (chirp-daily-20150202) and it still did not work.

I have been using it on the linux version ...

I do not get it.

So to sum it up:
The change which fixed it when I tried with chirp-daily-20150202 linux, did not work on windows.
I still get the error message. ("new" UV-B5)

Did anybody else try?
CU, Ricsi

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