[chirp_users] UV5R, HN5RV01 no RX audio

Bill Kasper
Fri Jun 5 14:51:08 PDT 2015

Hi list,

Just finished programming a batch of
UV5R N5R2045 and -1 -7
All working fine.

Using Chirp Daily 20150513:
download UV5R radio image
deleted existing frequencies
imported same freq list used on above batch
no errors at all reported
all seemed OK with import and upload

Unit transmits ok, RX indicator blue background lite
works ok, when there is carrier or when hitting the
monitor switch, just no audio.  Tried set of headphones
in rec jack -- still no audio.

Tried the same with Daily 20150530, no errors,
no change.

did keyboard reset, no errors, no change.

Any possible setting that could cause this,
or DOA audio output?

tnx es 73 de Bill WB2SXY

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