[chirp_users] Pofung UV-6R doesnt work with Chirp

Heiko Bujak heiko at dh2faa.de
Sat Jul 25 22:34:47 PDT 2015


first of all, many thanks to Dan and the Developer for develop Chirp!
The Idea and the result is great. So far as i can see, there is no 
specification given from Baofeng (and other)
how the interface works. So you have to reenginer the data which comes 
over the serial port. I think, this take
a lot of time to understand and to find a fitting memory structure.
And, of course, there is a need for a given running software!

Ok, my Problem is, i got a Pofung UV-6R, but it doesn work with Chirp. 
The Firmware is "HDBF230" and the
magic key for entering programming mode differs from tke key in uv5r.py

UV5R_MODEL_ORIG = "\x50\xBB\xFF\x01\x25\x98\x4D"
UV5R_MODEL_291 = "\x50\xBB\xFF\x20\x12\x07\x25"
UV5R_MODEL_F11 = "\x50\xBB\xFF\x13\xA1\x11\xDD"
UV5R_MODEL_UV82 = "\x50\xBB\xFF\x20\x13\x01\x05"
UV5R_MODEL_UV6 = "\x50\xBB\xFF\x20\x12\x08\x23"
UV5R_MODEL_UV6_ORIG = "\x50\xBB\xFF\x12\x03\x98\x4D"
UV5R_MODEL_UV6_HB = "\x50\xBB\xFF\x20\x14\x11\x22"
UV5R_MODEL_A58 = "\x50\xBB\xFF\x20\x14\x04\x13"

i added the entry UV5R_MODEL_UV6_HB but this helps only a liitle step.

Unfortunately the Software from Baofeng  20130521142814635.rar  and 
Miklor UV6R_Setup_EN_V1.10.rar
works only in direction reading.

Does anyone have an idea whats wrong with my UV-6R?

Heiko (DH2FAA) <-- German Amateur Radio

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