[chirp_users] Baofeng UV5R - Chirp 0.4.1 stable - CTCSS problems

Jason Olson jasisplayinu at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 22 20:05:02 PDT 2015

Hello fellow CHIRP users. 

I am in need of some assistance. I recently programmed by UV5R after a lot of time spent messing with drivers and cables. Finally got everything talking to each other. Recently went to use the radio with CTCSS tones enabled and discovered an issue. No matter how many times I would program a CTCSS frequency into the menu (11 and 13), the second I move to another menu item and switch back the frequency resets (and yes I hit menu again to confirm each time). In my case specifically the R-CTCSS menu resets to OFF, and the T-CTCSS menu resets to 67.0. 

I don't even exit the menu, just go to #11 > menu > set for specific frequency > menu to confirm > jump to menu #12 > back to menu #11 and it's sitting at OFF. I know I need to set both to the same frequency for this to work properly but I can't even jump between menu items without it getting reset. 

So I figure that either I need to adjust something in the radio and from what I've read in all the online manuals I'm doing this right, OR, I have programmed the radio as such to reset to these settings every time. 

Right now in CHIRP my Tone Mode is set to Tone and Tone frequency is set to 67.0 which is the only frequency the T-CTCSS will set to, but I'm hoping there is a way to program this right so that I can choose a CTCSS frequency on the fly in the radio and not have to program the specific code using CHIRP each time. 

Thanks in advance for any help,

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