[chirp_users] Baofeng UV-5R and settings/squelch_levels

Pavel Milanes Costa
Sun Jul 19 18:43:44 PDT 2015

El 19/07/15 a las 20:21, Jim Unroe escribió:
> On Sun, Jul 19, 2015 at 11:20 AM, Pavel Milanes Costa
> <co7wt at frcuba.co.cu> wrote:
>> Hi, I'm new to the list...
>> I was searching the list archives for this, but found no answer, so here
>> it goes...
>> The squelch levels for VHF/UHF on the settings > service settings
>> options do work for the Baofeng UV-5R?
>> My Baofeng is about 10uV in VHF and ~2.0uV on UHF, so VHF reception is
>> hard, may be it has to do with the SQ level, it has 25 as SQL 0 for VHF
>> and 19 on SQL 0 for UHF.
>> So before I play with that values I want to know if this setting will
>> really work with my radio.
>> I'm using chirp-daily-20150702 here...
>> 73,
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> There is no guarantee that it will work. Feedback shows that it works
> for firmware version BFB291 and newer. The settings won't show up if
> the firmware version is older than this. The improvement seems to vary
> from firmware version to firmware version and model to model.
> Always save your radio's channels and settings before you start making
> any changes. That way you can always get back to where you started. It
> appears that you have test equipment available. All you have to do is
> change one setting to see if it works. If it doesn't, then change it
> back.
> Jim KC9HI

Thanks for the answer Tim.

My firmware is BFB297 N5R-20, so it may work... I will try and get back 
to the list to report..


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