[chirp_users] UV-5R Says "Radio did not respond"

Richard Dillman ddillman at igc.org
Fri Jan 2 15:54:58 PST 2015

>Hi Richard,
>Since the programming cable already works with your radio, the driver
>and programming cable must be OK. This means the problem is that you
>are not getting the plug fully engaged in the radio.
>Jim KC9HI

Hi Jim.  You are always quick to respond with helpful advice.  Thanks!

Yeah, I encountered that plug seating issue with my own UV-5RA so with the UV-5R radio I really put some pressure on the connector - even trimmed the plug.  But no joy.  So maybe a defective connector on the radio side.



Richard Dillman, T2-GB-061170
Chief Operator, Coast Station KSM
Maritime Radio Historical Society

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