[chirp_users] What help is there for non-programmer to learn Chirp and Python for Icom IC-2800H

KB1ELE - Lee T. Davy kb1ele at leetdavy.com
Wed Aug 26 13:48:32 PDT 2015

I sent to developer as well but maybe ask here as well.

I have a circa 2000 Icom IC-2800H with virtual box XP on OS X for CS2800.exe cloning software.
I am sucessfully downloading to ubuntu KBOIQ on old MacBook Laptop (64 bit) and maybe older HP 1125nr Netbook.
I have been able to get memory sized and names in browser with skip bits mapped.
I also figured that the memory frequencies are really weird to see in browser as hex.

portmon, ICF and screen capture of CS-2800 are completed.
Also attempted same on Icom IC-V8 with CS-V8, portman 
but no success with Chirp detecting or fake outs.

What I have learned is in code at end of message.
What I haven't learned is how to display in Chirps UI or 
how to decipher Python flow.
Where should I go from here ?
Radio is NOT available for loan.
Visits or local (01450, USA) mentors are welcome though.

struct {
    u16 freq;
    u16 freq1:4,
    u16 offst:12,
    u16 offst1:4,

    u8  unknown5:2,
    char name[8];
} memory[232];

class IC2800Radio(icf.IcomCloneModeRadio):
    """Icom IC-2800H"""
    VENDOR = "Icom"
    MODEL = "IC-2800H"

    _model = "\x20\x47\x00\x01"
    _memsize = 4016

KB1ELE - Lee T. Davy <kb1ele at leetdavy.com>

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