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Marven Konzelman ve4ke at mymts.net
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Ok,no my radio is the 1,4,8w model and when I change it to low with the software that I am using it goes to 4w.  However this not much of a problem as I can easily change it on the radio itself....Thanks John

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Marv,  Is this a standard UV5R ?
If so, the three power level software is not compatible. It only works with the 1, 4, 8W radios.
If your radio is only capable of Lo (1w) and Hi (4w), using the tri-power software will make no difference in performance.


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Hi! I am a new subscriber to this list. Can anyone tell me if there is a daily build that works with the uv-5r, firmware Ver. NSR3409 BFP3-25 that will show the tree power levels. I found builds that work with my radio but they just show the high and low power levels.    Thanks   Marv VE4KE

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